Welcome! You can easily order prints by browsing through my website kristofvadino.com. Just let me know by mail ([email protected]) which image from which series you want to buy.


Please include the following information in the email:

        description of the picture (please include from which series)

           size of the print: 42.0 x 59.4cm paper or 84.1 x 118.4cm paper


The price for a 42.0 x 59.4cm print is 250 euro.

The price for a 84.1 x 118.4cm is 600 euro.

All prints are of archival quality and printed on the best papers around.


More info:

All 42.0 x 59.4cm black and white or color prints are done by myself with the Epson Stylus Pro R3880 printer. The paper used is Harman Gloss Baryta.

84.1 x 118.4cm color prints are done at the pro lab Limelight, together with me. The paper is Hahnemuhle Fine Art Baryta.

84.1 x 118.4cm black and white prints are done by Jean-Pierre Bauduin, great black and white printer. The paper used is Ilford Baryte and the print is done in the darkroom.



The prints are signed on the back (signature, title, place and year). An additional label with the same information is included in the package in case the print is framed and mounted. This label can be attached to the back of the frame in that case.

In rare cases of printing flaws (prints are of the highest quality and treated with a lot of care, but accidents can happen) the client is asked to destroy the print and send proof through mail. A new print will be sent after.

Prints damaged due to uncareful handling will not be replaced.

All prints come in tubes (2 x tube system) and should resist any rough handling.