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Bangkok, 2012-2013

I wake up at dusk, grab my camera and go to Phra Athit pier. The sun rises while I'm waiting for the first Chao Praya Express Boat. The iron structure of the pier makes the noise of a peeping monster.

Sometimes I take the Chao Praya Express Boat all up north till Nonthaburi. Or I stop before, on a pier where time seems different, more quiet. Older and softer. Sometimes I go south to Bangkok's city centre, where skyscrapers mix with wooden barracks which are still there, but less and less.

I got no plan, no structure and just follow the arrow of the sun to see his light fall upon an impenetrable Thai gaze. Thai are mostly silent on the Chao Praya Express Boat. Some look into the river, which never reveals any secret.

The last boat leaves at 7pm.